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Notification on personal data​ processing

  SC Loyalty Insurance Broker SRL is registered under the number 20037 in the Register of Personal Data Processing.


  SC Loyalty Insurance Broker SRL. with its registered office in Bucharest, 266-268 Calea Rahovei Street, sector 5, collects and processes personal data in accordance with the legal provisions regarding processing and free circulation of personal data. The role of this notification is to explain how personal data is used and the purpose for which it is used. Please read this notice carefully.

Use of personal data

SC Loyalty Insurance Broker SRL. collects and processes your personal data for the following purposes:

  • for providing insurance services (offers and issue of insurance policies, management of insurance policies, claims settlement, including inspection to detect and prevent potential frauds);

  • for insurance risk assessment;

  • to comply with the legal obligations;

  • for marketing purposes, for information and loyalty benefits, and for the continuous improvement of the quality of services and products offered;


The legal basis for collecting and processing your data for each of the above-mentioned purposes is:

  • your consent;

  • the insurance / policy agreement to which you are party or your request before concluding a contract;

  • the legitimate interest of the Insurer to prevent unjustified payments of damages.


Categories of recipients to whom personal data can be shared:

  • state authorities (including tax authorities);

  • Suppliers directly / indirectly involved in the insurance process (e.g. reinsurers, IT service developers, damage settlement providers, courier services providers, marketing service providers, payment / bank service providers, etc.);

  • government agencies, governmental or insurance associations, if legislation so provides;

  • intermediaries involved in managing your insurance contracts


Personal data retaining 

Personal data will be retained for as long as necessary for the purposes mentioned above or for the period provided for by the statutory insurance laws


The rights you have with respect to your personal data

In connection with the processing of Personal Data and under the conditions specified in the European Data Protection Regulation 679/2016, you may exercise any of the following rights:

  • the right to access the personal data that concerns you;

  • the right to request rectification or update when data are inaccurate or incomplete;

  • the right to request data blocking or deletion under certain circumstances (e.g. when personal data are no longer needed for the purposes mentioned above);

  • the right to request restriction of processing under certain circumstances (e.g. when the data is not accurate - for a period that would allow us to verify the accuracy of those data);

  • the right to file a complaint against us and / or the competent data protection authority;

  • the right to oppose your data processing;

  • the right to withdraw your consent at any time for the processing of your personal data that you have previously consented to;

  • the right to transform into anonymous data those data whose processing does not comply with Regulation 679/2016 for the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data;

  • the right to be forgotten, in the sense of filing a request to SC Loyalty Insurance Broker SRL to delete the personal data records from the on-line environment;

  • the right to data portability, in the sense of transferring your personal data to another personal data carrier you designate;

  • the right to be notified in the event of data security breach by the operator.


To exercise these rights, as well as for any further questions regarding this notification or regarding the use of personal data by SC Loyalty Insurance Broker SRL, please contact us by choosing any of the communication modalities described below, specifying, at the same time, your name, postal or email address (depending on how you want to communicate), your phone number and the purpose of your request.

You can contact us:

  • By email at: or

  • Either personally or through a postal request - to SC Loyalty Insurance Broker SRL (at the above-mentioned address);


By reading this document, you are informed that your rights, as provided by the law, are guaranteed, namely the right to information, the right of access the data, the right to intervene, the right of opposition, the right not to be subject to any individual decision, the right to address the court in case of violation of the rights guaranteed by the Regulation on data protection at European level no 679/2016.

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