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Procedure for receiving and solving petitions


  Loyalty Insurance Broker policy on solving petitions is amicable, mutually beneficial and durable, so that clients should always be content.


  Any individual or legal person, if prejudiced in his / her rights (as set by the law / included in the insurance contract or by unjustified refusal to resolve the claim for a right) may address our company for that right and recovery of the damage.

  To address the issue, please choose one of the following ways to submit a petition:

• directly, at the company's headquarters: 266-268 Calea Rahovei, building 60, 1st floor, Bucharest, district 5, Romania

• by e-mail at

• through our website by visiting the Contact page.


  All petitions are registered in the unique register of petitions, regardless of how they are received: through registration, by electronic mail, through the on-line system. For petitions received by one of the above-mentioned methods, Loyalty Insurance Broker will provide an official reply to the address indicated by the petitioner (by e-mail or by the Romanian Post).


  The deadline for solving the petition is within 30 calendar days since registration date of the petition, according to the Norm of the Financial Supervisory Authority no. 24/2014.

IMPORTANT : Telephone petitions or complaints shall not be registered

  Anonymous petitions or those that do not contain the petitioner's identification data (name, surname, address, contact data) shall not be considered, therefore they shall be classified with the term "LATER DATE PETENT".


  For inquiries about the status of a petition, please contact us at:

+4 031 437 93 65

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